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Do You Need a Partner Acount Setup click here to create one Partner Login click here is the Internet's only pay-per-click, visitor-based advertising banner network. allows advertisers access to safe, risk-free advertising. advertisers only's Pay-Per-Click Model

Pay for qualified visitors, not for every single ad shown. Simply put,'s banner advertising is the safest,
most cost effective way to advertise on the Internet.

  • Advertisers pay only for visitors to their website, not for ad impressions or page views.
  • Your ads will be seen only on our own content approved sites.
  • You will be provided with a list of every site to confirm for yourself the relevant contents.
  • No matter how many times your banner is seen, you pay only when a user clicks through to your site.
  • Sign up for as little as $100.00 US and have thousands of additional visitors to your site today. Guarantees

  • Real-time statistics available online 24 hours a day.
  • Exposure on high quality content relevant websites.
  • Each website is subject to approval.

We provide the infrastructure to allow advertising networks to talk to each other. As an individual user you can't advertise directly on the network. You must register through an access provider. The provider will help you with any problems you might have and take you through the process of setting up an account. Once you have an account setup you can advertise internet wide from one easy to use account. In the unlikely event that you have problems with your access provider we can switch you to another provider without disruption to your account or advertising.

How do I advertise on this system ?
After an account is created for you. First you upload banners onto the system. Then you place an advertising order specifying how much you want to spend per day, per order and what you maximum bid is per click or per impression. The system then automatically places your advertisement on sites witch match the content of your advertising.

How are my bids ranked ?
Your bids are ranked according to the bids 'score'. The bid with the highest score is presented at the top of the list with a rank of 1. The lowest score will have a rank of 9. Bids with a rank lower than 9 are not displayed. The 10th ranking spot is used by the system to test other banners on the web site.

How much is my ad shown on a web site ?
This is different depending on how many banners the web site shows. If it shows one banner then the impressions will rotate. Your as is shown depending on its rank, each lower rank gets half the impressions of it's predecessor the table below gives specific values.

Rank 1 - 50.00% or 500 out of 1000 times
Rank 2 - 25.00% or 250 out of 1000 times
Rank 3 - 12.50% or 125 out of 1000 times
Rank 4 - 06.25% or 63 out of 1000 times
Rank 5 - 03.13% or 31 out of 1000 times
Rank 6 - 01.56% or 16 out of 1000 times
Rank 7 - 00.78% or 8 out of 1000 times
Rank 8 - 00.39% or 4 out of 1000 times
Rank 9 - 00.20% or 2 out of 1000 times
Rank 10 - 00.10% or 1 out of 1000 times

If the web site shows multiple banners on every page then, the Rank #1 spot always goes to the number 1 ranked ad. The position of the spots is determined by the web master.

How come I have the number 1 rank, but don't see my ad 50% of the time ?
Many web sites use multiple advertising providers on there site. Because they can choose to show the ads some of the time and another providers some other percentage it can be difficult to know the actual percentage on the site. But the software takes this into account, always keeping the impression and click count based on the actual usage not based on a web site estimate.

Why according to the current bids option it shows my bids as highest, but I am ranked low ?
There is a lag between when you ads has the highest bid and it's score is the highest. Because the score is based on previous results of the past two days and it's score factors in the click rate. For example lets say your bid is

What determines which websites the banner appears on and can that be controlled ?
Right now when you select a channel your ad is placed on all sites that feed from that channel. The web sites must be related by content to the channel name. Right now you can't select specific sites although that will be added in the future.

What are the highest bids ?
To determine the highest bids, look on the 'Current Bids' screen. Look for the values called 'score' which determines ranking.

What is the difference between the highest rank and the highest bid ?
The highest bid is the maximum you are willing to pay per that item. For example if you say you are willing to pay 10 cents per click and another user is willing to pay 5 cents. You will only need a bid of 6 cents to outbid the other user. Lets say your ad has a click rate of 2%. Then every time the system shows the ad 1000 times the charge to you will be 0.06 * 0.02 * 1000 = 1.20 this will be the score for this ad. Another user could bid 15 cents a click needing a bid of 11 cents to outbid you, but there ad has a click rate of 0.8% this will result in a score of 0.11 * 0.008 * 1000 = 0.88. This is the difference between the highest rank and the highest bid. The actual score is the average score after the last 3 days (not counting today.)

What do I need to do to have the highest ranking ?
To get the highest ranking use the maximum ranking method and top both the Pay Per Click bid and for the Pay Per Impression value found on the current bids screen. Also make sure your Pay Per Impression bid is larger that the largest score found on the current bids screen. After 3 days of this you will have the highest ranking.