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New gTLD Founders, or Pioneer Program To encourage adoption and use, and to raise money, a New gTLD registry may operate a Founders, or Pioneer Program.

This would be the very first opportunity for anyone to obtain rights to a domain name using that TLD. This is the time for highly motivated users New gTLDs Founders Pioneer Programand investors to get their ‘must have’ names.

Names allocated during this phase will likely be some of the best the TLD would have to offer. These short, intuitive, or obvious domain names have potential to be marquis web properties. Examples of this caliber of domain name might be ‘Hotels.NYC’, ‘Online.Casino’, ‘Vacation.Rentals’, ‘BroadwayTheater.Tickets’ – wnames that carry significant meaning for that TLD. The registry operator is is usually looking to: 1) Sell high value names at premium prices to raise capital for marketing and launch, and 2) Gain exposure through the development of select high profile web properties featuring their domain extension.

So the qualified buyer in a Founders Program would be willing to pay a high price ($50 – $100k and up?) to secure a great name early. A New TLD registry may be open to discussion regarding specific names as soon as their initial evaluation has been successfully completed. At this point, it’s relatively certain the New TLD will launch and be made available. If you are especially interested in a key domain name using a specific new TLD, it would be good to begin thinking how valuable that name is to you.

How much would you be willing to pay? It would also be smart to ponder ways that you would employ the name that would benefit the registry. Might you have an idea that would gain exposure for the website?

Commitment to an action plan toward this objective could potentially affect the actual price paid for the name.

A .vegas top-level domain – available now to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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