’s Neil Sackmary May Shake The Domain Industry to the CORE!!’s Neil Sackmary May Shake The Domain Industry to the CORE!!


Morning Folks!!

It has been YEARS since a new monetization program has come out, but the industry may be shaken to the core and I want to be on record before that event unfolds. An END-USER designed a system over the past 10 years for in-house use and found himself right on the doorstep of the domain industry.

You see, is NOT a one trick pony. Or in this case, DOG!

Most companies have one or 2 things they can offer you. They have EIGHT ways as listed below and some are really important. You are about to get very excited about what you do again and Neil Sackmary is the guy I believe that is going to change how you view your domain assets.

1. They offer “Pay for Product” since 2005 but have only used it privately. Why? Because they are END USERS that have found out secrets withut depending on Google and are coming into the domain industry via the BACK DOOR to share it.

2. They have PPC since 2007. But have only used it privately as per above.

3. They have L.O.Y.D. Which is Left of Your Domain. That means they can SELL your subdomains on the fly. THIS IS HUGE!! Especially interesting for gTLD’s and Neil Sackmary will reveal what he revealed to me. FANTASTIC!! Works especially well with Geo gTLD’s. Instant CASH!!

Sell subdomains for 99 CENTS and make millions. gTLD guys are opening this door and some gTLD’s could find some gold if they understand this revenue stream that Neil will share. The guy has VISION!!! Something missing in the landscape right now as everyone is chasing every shiny object there is.

4. They have S.P.O.B.O. which is really interesting. You put a price on your domain or any item. Let’s say $1000. But there is also a button for “Make an offer”. If they make an offer and the offer is within the preset parameters you create, it will EXECUTE the sale in real-time.

5, 6, 7, 8, . Even more tools to make you money that I am still wrapping my head around.

The first users here will come EXCLUSIVELY from T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. and it may be a while before it filters down. Neil started these programs as an end-user for himself 10 years ago. What he is offering has the potential to change the landscape of the entire industry. An industry that has been dormant since 2007 is about to come ROARING back. He will excite you and that will transform what we all do.

And yeah, a LOT of folks in the industry have a right to be VERY concerned. They are coming to eat the lunch of many companies that have been getting fat off of domainers. Now it is time for domainers to get fat again.

And you might want to ask WHY he did all this? Well he did not want to be DEPENDENT on Google!!!!!! Something I have been preaching for a long time and here is a very successful end-user that figured it out himself and found himself being the lead sponsor in his “Coming out party”.

I have been on the phone to Neil for many hours this past week and I am telling you he is gonna Rock the House and some folks are going to love him and others are going to have NIGHTMARES!!!

Prepare to make money again WITH your domains not SELLING your domains. That is going to shake things up right there!

Read that again!!!

Prepare to make money again WITH your domains not SELLING your domains.

I think the post show buzz will verify everything I have said here.

TRAFFIC an EXPENSE?? Really??? Only if you go just to party and not keeping your eye on the ball.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. means B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. and just PROVES where OUR FOCUS ALWAYS IS!!

Trailblazing and creating new opportunities that translates into MORE MONEY! We keep our eye on the ball by being 3 steps ahead of the future and not chasing after it.

btw, did I tell you about their “Traffic Splitter”?