L.O.Y.D. (Left of Your Domain)

GetItFido’s L.O.Y.D. tool allows you to quickly and easily create an unlimited amount of subdomains for your website. For example, if you have a domain name called “goldcoins.com”, using our tool you can in seconds create “buy.goldcoins.com” and configure the properties you want that subdomain to have.

Subdomains are a not-so-often used SEO component that could generate more traffic to your website. Most search engines use a website’s domain name as a primary focus when bringing up search results. If you want to target users searching for 1oz gold coins you could setup a subdomain called “1ozcoins.goldcoins.com” and your SEO favorability will be increased drastically for users searching for that specific term. Take advantage of this! Signup at ParkingCC.com and start using the Tool today!

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